Community Speedwatch

Community Speedwatch

What is Community Speedwatch?

Speedwatch is a community scheme that allows volunteer members of the community to take action to demonstrate their concern about speeding motorists in their area. It is managed by the Police Safer Neighbourhood team, but run by local volunteers.

How does it work?

Volunteers use special equipment that can monitor the speed of passing traffic and record the details of speeding vehicles.Vehicle checks will then be undertaken by the police and letters will be sent to the registered keepers advising them of the limit, their speed and reminding them of why it is a community concern.

Why should we do it?

Speedwatch is not enforcement, it is education. It is the first tier response to dealing with the problem of speeding.Where a problem persists, it will be escalated to tier two, meaning that enforcement can be undetaken by the police Safer Neighbourhood team.

Who actually does it?

Sherfield on Loddon does not currently operate a speedwatch scheme - however should you be interested in this issue please contact the Clerk Karen Ross