NP Archive

Why an Archive?

A large ammount of information has been collected and utilised in preparing the Neighbourhood Plan, however some of it is no longer relevant as it has been superceded, or is just out of date.

In the interests of transparency this material is being kept available so that people may see how the current stage of thePlan has been arrived at, howeve it has been removed from the main pages to avoid distraction, and to emphasise that it is no longer relevant


Planning Subcommittee Minutes

24th February 2015
20th January 2015
17th December 2014
27th November 2014
20th November 2014
22nd October 2014
2nd October 2014
18th September 2014
1st September 2014
-  20th August 2014
18th August 2014
7th August 2014
24th July 2014
16th July 2014
16th June 2014
15th May 2014
7th May 2014