The structure of the Parish Council was changed at the Full Council meeting in October 2019.  A decision was made to disband for a trial period  the Village Green and Lesiure Facilities Committee and include matters relating to these areas within the Full Council meetings.

Councillors' Areas of Particular Responsibility
Allotments:  Cllr John Attwood
BDAPTC:  Cllr Andy Morgan
Chineham Incinerator Group: Cllr Bruce Batting
Community Safety Partnership & Speedwatch:  Vacant
Country Watch: Cllr Bruce Batting
Emergency Plan:  Cllr Bruce Batting
Footpaths: Vacant
Highway Safety Group: Cllr Bruce Batting
Neighbourhood Plan: Cllr John Darker
Parish Lengthsman Co-ordinator:  Vacant
Transport: Cllr John Darker
Village Hall Mgt Committee: Cllr Bruce Batting